I was hopefuly that we’d start returning to travel and meeting and training in late 2020 or early 2021 - but the reality that isn’t the best choice for anyone right now.

When we spent the spring preparing Applied Physical Attacks on Embedded Systems to be delivered online for Black Hat, we weren’t just preparing for one online class - we were preparing to make the whole class doable remotely, in a self-paced format. The online, synchronous format isn’t ideal when attendees and instructors span time zones, skill levels, and time obligations.

Since August, we’ve been refining the online material, gathering equipment, and preparing to launch a comprehensive, self-paced, online course on hardware hacking and reverse engineering, and we’re hoping to launch it in early November as soon as we’ve got sufficient equipment in hand to fulfill the anticipated demand.

Rather than just cut and paste the material onto a website, we’ve refactored all the content - both breaking it into smaller 30-minute digestible portions - and expanding it to cover 3 to 4 full days of material.

The first opportunity to order the toolkit will be part of the Crowdsupply campaign for Tigard. The full toolkit, plus access to online lectures, labs, and support that will easily fill 3+ full days of training, will be available in limited quantities at a discounted price of US$1337.

Soon after the campaign, we will have general availability at US$2000. Sign up below for a notifications when that is available, or get in touch if you’ve got a large group interested in either self-paced or live synchronous training.