These 90 minute to half-day workshops have run at hackerspaces, conferences, hardware hacking villages, and other events.

Applied Physical Attacks on a Raspberry Pi introduces hardware hacking basics with an inexpensive toolset. This workshop fully published and freely available to do on your own or run for a group.

Hands-on JTAG for Fun and Root Shells covers the hardware and software setup for JTAG debugging on an ARM platform using OpenOCD. Once everything is configured, it introduces a couple methods of using JTAG to escalate privilege of and existing shell.

WTFPGA starts with a crash course in Verilog and introduces some of the core concepts of FPGAS for basic logic by guiding attendees through implementing a very basic hexadecimal calculator with switches and displays.

Sidechannel Attacks for Hardware N00BZ introduces the concept of hardware side channel attacks and walks through the process of using hardware to conduct a timing side channel attack on a 4-digit PIN entry system.