Changing “90 day access” to “Perpetual access and 90 days Support”

The original “90 days of access” was to avoid overcommitting in case the self-paced training proved unsustainable. Since it seems to be going well and is likely to be around for the long term, there’s no need to keep that limit in place. You’ll continue to have access to the current materials as long as your account is active.

In order to encourage everyone to complete the course by a deadline, we are clarifying “90 days of support”. We’ll answer all your questions and ship replacements of any equipment that breaks as you work through the labs. We won’t disappear after 90 days, but our priority will be those currently working through the course.

Documenting data retention procedures

Our previous data retention policy would have likey removed your perpetual access to course materials without notification. We’re revising it to give a little more breathing room and automated reminders.

We don’t share your information except to directly ship hardware and communicate about your registration, and don’t want to keep personal information any longer than necessary.

Your account and data will be automatically deleted after 120 days of inactivity. We will alert you by email after 90 and 115 days of inactivity reminding you to login to keep your account active.

To remove data sooner, contact from your registered email address.

Relocating “advanced” content

“Advanced” labs were added to APA#1 since we brought them online, but hadn’t prepared the hardware or the rest of the APA#2 class, but didn’t want to hide them away.

Now that APA#2 is available online, everyone who was registered for APA#1 before Nov 1 2021 has been granted full access to the APA#2 course materials.

Additional hardware is necessary to complete all the labs yourself, but the lectures, procedures, and walkthroughs should still be valuable to you.

Discounted APA#2 hardware

If you are registered for APA#1 and are interested in completing the APA#2 labs, you can purchase the “add-on” kit at a discount to get the additional APA#2 hardware to add to your kit and complete all the labs.

More frequent updates

Only essential maintenance emails will be sent to users of Sign up below for more frequent notifications, or get in touch if you’ve got a large group interested in either self-paced or live synchronous training.