Note: Due to current guidelines for travel and gathering, we will only offer remote training options for the time being. Right now Applied Physical Attacks #1 and Applied Physical Attacks #2 are available in an online, self-paced format.

Training isn’t one-size-fits-all, so we’ve got a variety of options to make our training accessible to all:

Public Training

Pubic classes are often associated with a conference or standalone training event, such as Black Hat or HardwareSecurity.Training. Individuals are welcome to register and join a group of other individuals at the same event.

Private Training

Private trainings are offered to a closed group of attendees. Previously this was on-site or near your workplace, but is now being offered remotely. You get a convenient time and location, in addition to the flexibility to pick and choose the content that’s most relevant for your needs.

Online Training

In addition to scheduled remote private trainings, we now offer self-paced online training as well. All lectures and materials are accessed online, and you proceed at the pace you choose. Support from instructors is available via email or by appointment, as well as via an online discussion forum.

Free Workshops

Workshops are shorter 2- to 4-hour mini classes. They’re designed to be introductory level, and doable with minimal equipment expenses. They are all self-guided, but designed to be run in a group. They’re all 100% free, and we encourage people to take and use our material to run their own workshops to teach others.