Note: Due to current guidelines restricting travel and gathering, we only expect to offer Applied Physical Attacks #1 in an online format for the remainder of 2020. Our advanced courses will resume either when restrictions are relaxed or we have had time to port them all to the online format.

What’s a workshop?

Worshops are shorter 2- to 4-hour mini classes. They’re designed to be introductory level, and doable with minimal equipment expenses. They are all self-guided, but designed to be run in a group. They’re all 100% free, and we encourage people to take and use our material to run their own workshops to teach others.

Who is it best for?

Workshops are best for anyone who is curious about hardware, but not ready to commit several days or the cost of a professional training. Although many people end up taking our profeessional trainings after these workshops, they are very carefully designed to stand on their own and not designed as a sales pitch for our other classes.

How much does it cost?

Generally, Free. When we run these workshops, we bring all the materials for your to use for the duration of the workshop. If you choose to do them on your own, the equipment list is available and generally low-cost.

If someone else wants to run one of these workshops using our workshop materials, they are more than welcome to and do not need to get our permission (though we’d love to hear how it goes!). They may choose to charge admission or a materials fee, and are welcome to do so.

What classes are available?

Take a look at our free worshop topics list

When can take one?

We’ll do our best to list free workshops on our upcoming events page

How can i offer one?

Contact us for details.

What other formats are available?