Note: Due to current guidelines for travel and gathering, we will only offer remote training options for the time being. Right now Applied Physical Attacks #1 and Applied Physical Attacks #2 are available in an online, self-paced format.

What’s a private class?

Private trainings are offered to a closed group of attendees. Previously this was on-site or near your workplace, but is now being offered remotely. You get a convenient time and location, in addition to the flexibility to pick and choose the content that’s most relevant for your needs.

Who is it best for?

If you’ve got a group of 10 or more interested in a specific class, or for any reason unable to or disinterested in traveling to or attending a public event, private training is your best choice. In-person face-to-face training is the best way to learn because there is the highest bandwidth of both communication between the instructor and the attendee and feedback from the attendee to the instructor. Having a designated block of time for training on-site is less burden than travelling for employees, and less time away from work - while still helping attendees keep focus on the training material.

If you’re interested but unsure about the content, sending one representative to a public or self-paced online class is a great way to decide if a private class is right for your group.

How does a remote private class work?

Given the current situation, we have successfully run several remote private classes.

Each attendee gets their own toolkit to keep and access to all of the self-paced material. During the scheduled class days, attendees get together for synchronous lectures and discussions, and instructors are on call to assist during scheduled lab times.

How much does it cost?

Private training pricing is based on a minimum of 10 attendees for 2 days and is comparable to sending the same number of attendees to a public class; however, the total cost adds up to much less when considering the savings on employee travel expenses and additional time away from work that would be involved in a public training.

Additional attendees beyond 10 are discounted, and pricing is all-inclusive for 4 or more days of training.

What classes are available?

All of our courses are designed to be transportable and are available for on-site private trainings. Unless the entire group has some prior training or experience, we have had the best luck by starting with 2 days of Applied Physical Attacks #1: Embedded and IoT Systems, followed by 1 to 3 days of selected topics from our other classes.

Currently, Applied Physical Attacks #1: Embedded and IoT Systems as well as certain parts of our other courses are available for remote private classes at this time. If you’d like a remote private offering of one of our advanced courses, let us know and we can give you an ETA.

When can take one?

Our remote private training availability is very flexible through 2021. We are willing to take tentative bookings for face-to-face private classes starting in Fall 2021, contingent upon travel and large group health and safety recommendations

Request information for more detailed information about our courses and on-site pricing.

What other formats are available?