Note: Due to current guidelines restricting travel and gathering, we only expect to offer Applied Physical Attacks #1 in an online format for the remainder of 2020. Our advanced courses will resume either when restrictions are relaxed or we have had time to port them all to the online format.

What’s an online class?

Online classes come in two forms: Synchronous and Asynchronous. In both cases, you’ll recieve a kit of equipment for doing all of the lab work - the difference is when and how you’ll interact with the instructors:

Synchronous Online Classes

This is a typical live public training, but conducted online/remote. Class will have set hours, and there will be live lectures and discussions. Instructors will be avialable for the whole time to support you as you work through your labs.

Asynchronous Online Classes

This is a self-paced online training. All lectures and materials are accessed online, and you proceed at the pace you choose. Support from instructors is available via email or by appointment, as well as access to an online discussion forum.

Who is it best for?

No matter what the reason, this is the best option for those who aren’t interested in face-to-face training, and for the time being, is the only option until it is safe to relax travel and group restrictions.

While we still belive that in-person face-to-face training is the best way to learn, we’ve done our best to make the most of the available mediums. We’ll start out with synchronous online training, but in time we hope to make the self-paced option available as well.

How much does it cost?

When offered as part of another event, the event generally dictates pricing based on their audience and other ‘perks’ included.

We haven’t yet decided on pricing for our self-paced class, we do anticipate it will be lower than face-to-face public trainings.

What classes are available?

As of right now, only Applied Physical Attacks #1: Embedded and IoT Systems is available online. As time goes by, we may choose to add other courses if it appears there is enough interest and if travel and gathering restrictions continue.

When can take one?

Check back in August 2020 for more details…

What other formats are available?