Note: Due to current guidelines restricting travel and gathering, we only expect to offer Applied Physical Attacks #1 in an online format for the remainder of 2020. Our advanced courses will resume either when restrictions are relaxed or we have had time to port them all to the online format.

What’s a public class?

Pubic classes are often associated with a conference or standalone training event, such as Black Hat or HardwareSecurity.Training. Individuals are welcome to register and join a group of other individuals at the same event.

Who is it best for?

In-person face-to-face training is the best way to learn because there is the highest bandwidth of both communication between the instructor and the attendee and feedback from the attendee to the instructor. In addition, may attendees find that when they get the opportunity to be out of their office or even traveling away from home, they are more able to get away from distractions and focus on the content of the class.

However, if there are several people all in need of the same training, a private class may be a better option. For those unable to travel to training or dedicate a large block of time, online training might be a better option.

How much does it cost?

Every event decides their own training pricing based on their perception of the local market, as well as what ‘perks’ are included with the class (lunch, lodging, conference admission, etc). 2-day classes have ranged from US$1337 to US$3800 in recent years.

Many events offer discounts for registering a group, as well as discounted training for students and conference volunteers.

What classes are available?

The most common class offered at conferences is Applied Physical Attacks #1: Embedded and IoT Systems since this is the course with the most relevant to the widest audience. Advanced classes are more often available at larger and hardware-focused events.

When can take one?

See what classes are coming up next and near you on the upcoming events page

What other formats are available?